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Category - Collaboration

Happy Birthday, Lotus Marketing

July 27, 2023 April Lickovitch and Kim Erwin
Lotus Marketing founders clinking wine glasses
July 29, 2023 marks the 3rd Birthday of Lotus Marketing. Read more to learn the story of how our company was founded, and how we came to be the award-winning agency that we are today.
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Operations, Sales, Revenue Management and Marketing Make a Winning Team

May 12, 2023 Kenny Chouinard
5 hands making a star shape together
Learn how operations teams, the fourth "arm" to the standard trifecta of sales, revenue management, and marketing, can take your team's success to the next level.
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You Win with People

May 10, 2023 Karla Denman
colleagues high-fiving across a meeting room table
From developing brand strategies and creative campaigns to managing social media and online advertising, hotel marketing involves a broad range of activities that require deep knowledge of the industry and marketplace. Learn how you can tap into different resources in order to have a well-rounded team.
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