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Operations, Sales, Revenue Management and Marketing Make a Winning Team

May 12, 2023 Kenny Chouinard
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Hotel commercial alignment is vital for the operations, sales, marketing, and revenue management functions within a hotel to work together as a collaborative team to achieve the hotel's business goals. When these four functions are aligned, it can lead to more effective pricing strategies, increased revenue, improved guest satisfaction, and greater overall profitability.


Cohesive Approach

Everyone should have a seat at the table. A key benefit of aligning hotel marketing with operations, sales, and revenue management is that it helps to ensure a cohesive approach to guest engagement, satisfaction, and revenue generation. Marketing teams can work with operations to ensure the hotel can deliver on certain programming and partnerships, revenue managers to develop pricing strategies and offers that are based on customer demand and market trends, while sales teams can leverage marketing insights to better target and convert potential customers.

For example, if a hotel's marketing team identifies a new customer segment that is interested in a particular type of room or service, they can work with the operations team to ensure the service can be delivered to the guest while working with the sales team to develop a targeted sales strategy and pricing structure that caters to this segment. At the same time, the revenue management team can adjust room rates and inventory levels to maximize revenue from this segment, while also considering the impact on overall hotel profitability.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

In addition to improving revenue generation, hotel commercial alignment can lead to improved guest satisfaction. When marketing, operations, sales, and revenue management teams work together, they can more effectively identify and address guest needs and preferences, which can result in higher guest satisfaction scores and better online reviews.

Brand Image

Finally, hotel commercial alignment can help to create a more unified and integrated brand image, which can improve brand recognition and loyalty over time. By working together to deliver a consistent guest experience, hotels can build a strong reputation and competitive advantage in the market.

How Lotus Marketing Can Help

Overall, hotel marketing is most successful when it aligns with operations, sales, and revenue management, as this can lead to increased revenue, improved guest satisfaction, and a stronger brand image. At Lotus Marketing, we prioritize hotel commercial alignment by integrating into the existing operations, revenue management, and sales teams and including them in our strategy sessions and day-to-day operations. By prioritizing hotel commercial alignment and fostering collaboration across functions, our teams are better equipped to help the hotel position itself for long-term success in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.



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