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Effective Marketing Starts with Business Goals

May 31, 2023 Karla Denman
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Business goal alignment is crucial for any hotel's marketing efforts, as it ensures that marketing tactics are not just busywork, but rather directly contributing to the hotel's overall business objectives. Without clear alignment between marketing efforts and business goals, hotels risk wasting resources on ineffective marketing tactics and missing out on opportunities to drive revenue growth and achieve other key business outcomes.


To ensure that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals, hotels must first establish clear and measurable objectives that are aligned with their overall business strategy. These objectives might include increasing occupancy rates, driving direct bookings, attracting specific customer segments, or increasing average revenue per room.


Once objectives are clearly defined, hotels must then develop a marketing plan that outlines the specific tactics and channels that will be used to achieve these objectives, as well as the budget allocation for each tactic. It's important to note that not all marketing tactics are created equal in terms of their impact on business goals, and hotels must prioritize the tactics that are most likely to generate the highest return on investment.


For example, if a hotel's objective is to increase direct bookings, they may prioritize tactics such as search engine optimization, email marketing, and targeted social media advertising, while reducing investment in less effective tactics such as print advertising or broad-based social media campaigns which tend to drive more overall awareness. By aligning marketing tactics with business objectives, hotels can ensure that their marketing efforts are a strategic investment in their overall business success.


Finally, hotels must also regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in achieving business objectives. This requires ongoing measurement and analysis of key performance indicators, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and revenue generated from specific channels and tactics. By continuously optimizing their marketing efforts based on this data, hotels can ensure that they are always moving closer to their business goals.


Before Lotus Marketing even begins executing any marketing efforts on behalf of a hotel, we ensure that our team is fully aligned with the overall business goals for the property. Our alignment is crucial for ensuring that hotel our marketing efforts are not just busy work, but rather a strategic investment in the hotel's overall success. By establishing clear objectives, developing a targeted marketing plan, and regularly measuring results, our team can ensure hotels that their marketing efforts are effectively laddering up to the broader business goals.



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