Lotus Marketing's Services

Working with management companies, individual hotels and venues, tourism- and hospitality-related companies at the enterprise level, Lotus Marketing delivers a full spectrum of marketing support for our clients. Clients may engage Lotus Marketing for strategic consultation where we provide marketing strategy development, branding, marketing plan guidance, and budget recommendations. We also partner with clients for tactical execution, where we provide project management for creative design, media planning, SEO/SEM, social media, digital content development, visual asset management, and digital tools and solutions.

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Marketing Strategy

Lotus Marketing provides our clients with a dedicated Hospitality Marketing Manager to offer strategic marketing and branding support, including regular strategy calls, marketing plan development, budget guidance, and strategic consultation for all revenue streams.

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Social Media

Lotus Marketing provides a full suite of social media services to elevate your positioning and create raving brand fans. We partner with you to develop a clear vision and social media strategy to ensure total alignment of business objectives. Our hospitality content creators take the time to understand your unique features and branding to ensure the content we curate aligns with your brand voice and messaging to engage and attract followers. Our social media marketing services include content curation, content calendar creation, influencer campaigns, 24/7 monitoring, and paid social strategies. 

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A brand positioning helps to clearly differentiate the brand relative to its competitive set within the hospitality and tourism industries. Lotus Marketing is particularly proficient at hotel positioning. Positioning is the foundation and starting point for crafting the brand experience on-property — from the first interaction the guest has with the hotel to the on-property guest experience to all marketing communications and everything in between.

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Establishing a comprehensive and distinctive identity is critical to branding success. Starting with a brand narrative, we help our hospitality clients tell their story. This story dictates what the travel experience will feel like and sets the stage for an immersive hotel guest experience. A brand style guide and toolkit interprets the design and brand narrative into a visual identity. Lotus Marketing specialists are well-versed in designing comprehensive visual style guides including components such as logo and logo usage, color palette, fonts, custom patterns, tone of voice, photography standards, and any other graphic elements that resonate with highest-potential audiences.

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Digital Marketing

Our team has supported digital marketing for some of the largest travel and tourism companies in the world. From content creation to website development, from search engine optimization to digital advertising, from social media to digital merchandising tools, Lotus Marketing serves as a comprehensive digital solution.

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Creative Design

Our in-house creative design team provides a full spectrum of creative services for the tourism industry, including copywriting, graphic design, and video production. Beyond these creative design services, we provide marketing strategies that include hotel email, social media, buzz marketing stunts, opening events and hospitality branding activations.

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Media Planning

Our media plans are built to perform. Designed to support hospitality business goals, Lotus Marketing has the capability of running traditional campaigns and using new media. We live by several guiding principles:

  • Multi-dimensional plans integrated with various types of media
  • Robust targeting — demographic, psychographic, and geographic — especially when it comes to digital marketing, as the technology exists, and we plan on using it
  • Media plans are built to be flexible — they are an evolution, not a static document
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Industry Expert Speaker Engagements

Lotus Marketing experts are available for your next company meeting. From facilitating breakout workshops on key topics such as hotel positionings, to being a keynote speaker discussing the importance of marketing strategy to achieve business goals, we possess a wealth of experience to inspire your organization.  Take your company’s meeting to the next level by infusing content such as marketing strategy, branding, positioning, digital, social media, and creative services.

Contact info@lotusmarketinginc.com to schedule an engagement.