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Happy Birthday, Lotus Marketing

July 27, 2023 April Lickovitch and Kim Erwin
Lotus Marketing founders clinking wine glasses

2020 was a scary time for many in the hotel industry.  Hotels were closing, many lost jobs and futures were uncertain.  With a strong desire to bring people back to work, and help the hotels we’ve supported for decades get back to business, we founded Lotus Marketing.  We took our common values of integrity, work ethic, and driving results to create a company that would help people and companies flourish.  Like the lotus flower, our clients, our staff and our industry are resilient.  And three years later, it has been our privilege to play a part in helping nearly 40 employees and over 300 hotels emerge and flourish.



At Lotus Marketing, our approach is all about you - our valued hospitality client. We believe in truly understanding your business and listening to your needs. We adapt by aligning ourselves with your existing marketing infrastructure, integrating your tools, resources, preferred vendors, and filling gaps where needed.  Our goal is to work collaboratively with your team to create a cohesive approach to hospitality marketing that maximizes efficiency and delivers exceptional results.

We recognize that each hospitality business is unique, with its own set of marketing practices and strategies. That's why we take the time to actively listen to your goals and challenges, ensuring that our marketing efforts are tailored to achieve results that impact your overall business goals.

We offer hotels comprehensive and customized support services including ongoing strategic or tactical marketing support, social media services, hotel positioning, creative development, media campaigns, SEO, copywriting and content, digital support as well as partner with a plethora of industry partners to be a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.  We bring specialized skills, fresh perspectives, and industry insights to enhance your marketing efforts. Together, we can explore new opportunities and drive revenue for your hotel.

We understand the importance of efficiency in the fast-paced world of hospitality marketing. By leveraging any existing efficiencies within your marketing infrastructure, we optimize resources, reduce costs, and boost overall productivity. Our collaborative approach ensures that we work together as a unified team, building trust and fostering open communication.  And our experience working across all hotel companies and over 40 brands allows a turnkey support with no ramp or training needed.  We know hotels and we understand your business.

Our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients. By delivering tangible value, exceeding expectations, and contributing to your success, we have earned the trust and loyalty of over 300 hotels. We are dedicated to being a reliable and valuable partner on your journey to marketing excellence. Together, we can make your hotel flourish.

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