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Tapping into Your Hotel Brand

May 08, 2023 Cassy Scrima
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The parent brand of a hotel plays a critical role in shaping the identity and reputation of an individual property, as well as its ability to command a premium rate in the market. By leveraging the equity and reputation of the parent brand, individual hotels can benefit from the increased awareness, credibility, and perceived value associated with the brand, which can ultimately translate into higher room rates and occupancy levels.


By aligning with a reputable and established brand, hotels gain access to a wealth of resources and support that can help them optimize their operations, marketing, and guest experience.


This includes everything from best practices, industry insights to training and development opportunities, partnerships, programming, marketing assets, and access to a global network of like-minded professionals.


However, while hotels pay to be affiliated with a specific brand, they may not always leverage the brand equity to its full potential. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as a lack of understanding of the brand's value proposition, a misalignment of brand values and hotel positioning, or a failure to effectively communicate the brand's unique selling points to potential guests. Oftentimes, quite simply, the hotel teams are unaware of the brand resources available to them.


To effectively leverage the brand equity, hotels must first understand the brand's value proposition and how it aligns with the individual hotel's positioning and target audience. This requires a deep understanding of the brand's history, mission, and unique selling points, as well as an analysis of the competitive landscape and target market preferences. By identifying the key brand attributes that resonate with the target audience, hotels can tailor their marketing messaging and strategies to effectively leverage the brand equity and drive demand.


It's important to note that leveraging the brand equity does not dilute the story and value of the individual hotel, but rather, it enhances it. By effectively communicating the unique selling points and value proposition of the brand, hotels can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and establish a strong identity and reputation that resonates with guests.


When working with Lotus Marketing, our team is plugged in directly with the brand teams to ensure the brand proposition is being clearly communicated through all marketing strategies and tactics. Additionally, we are well-versed in everything that is available to individual hotels and can save your team extra research time, freeing them up to take care of other important tasks.


If your hotel is interested in taking the brand to another level, consider conducting a hotel positioning. A positioning interprets the brand from the local level and creates a compelling story to differentiate your hotel from your competitors. Let us help to craft your unique story.



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